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Creator: Dr. H. van der Kolk (Universiteit Twente), Prof.dr. J.N. Tillie (Universiteit van Amsterdam), P. van Erkel, M. van der Velden (Universiteit van Amsterdam), A. Damstra (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
Title Description
> Dutch Parliamentary Election Studies > Dutch Parliamentary Election Study 2012

Survey on voters' opinions: after the Dutch parliamentary elections of 2012. political interest and communication/ vote matchers/ party able to solve national problem/ resignation Rutte I/ government policy/ political issues: income differences/ political issues: European Unification/ political issues: self placement on crime, foreigners &amp, nuclear plants/ left-right rating political party/ social issues/ previous voting behaviour/ political knowledge/ sympathy score:political party/ sympathy score: party leader/ voting behaviour 2012 parliamentary elections/ political efficacy/ membership respondent and household members/ activities and communication to influence government/ government spending/ economic prospects/ EU membership/ satisfaction with democracy/ background variables/ self-completed questionnaire Several variables have been excluded from the public data file in order
to protect the privacy of individual respondents. Examples are
municipality, zip code and the regional newspaper a person is reading.
These variables are available for scientific purposes only at Statistics
Netherlands. For more information, contact the Centre for Policy
Related Statistics at Statistics Netherlands via cvb@cbs.nl.