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Becker J.W.
Nauta A.N.

Trend study on changes in general opinions and attitudes of ( parts of ) the Dutch population. Work, income versus leisure / job satisfaction, pressure of work / satisfaction with life, prosperity / social contacts / mass-media, exposure to news and politics / prosperity, materialism / attitude towards consumer credit / expected developments in society / conservatism / need for higher tax-rates, higher public spendings / personal feelings, worries about life, health, politics, housing, family income / expected and desired development of personal incomes and social benefits / abuse of social securities / image of the unemployed and recipients of disablement insurance benefits, moonlighting / level of benefits, inequality of incomes / employee participation / fundamental rights of citizens / structure and aims of school system / freedom of speech, strike, demonstration etc. / religious dogmatism, conservatism, permissiveness / religion and politics, social life, organizations / perception of crime, alternative punishment / student participation / political left, right items, political efficacy, political interest, trust in politics / concern with environment, who is responsible / energy problem/ nuclear power / confidence in future of society / permissiveness towards various ways of social protest and counteractions from authorities / social contrasts / expected changes in society next 15 years / influence of unions and employers on national policy / doing domestic work, problems with it / perception of marriage: working women with young children, divorce, adoption, fidelity, education, standards and values / judgement of various forms of cohabitation / most appreciated qualities of men and women / image of the elderly / knowledge of aids, expected development, measures to stop aids / euthanasia / advices to friends with domestic problems / rights of homosexuals / equal rights for different social groups to housing, job, career / discrimination of ethnic groups / ( dis- )advantages of being unemployed / public versus individual spendings, responsibilities for education, social services, public transport, museums, health services / attitude towards ex-psychiatric patients / written questionnaire: most important personal qualities for success in life / relation between performance and payment, necessity of income differences, desired re-allocation of incomes, evaluation of tax rates / knowledge of actual incomes of different occupational groups / desired income levels for these groups / incompatible interests between different social groups / occupational career, comparison to father's career. Background variables: basic characteristics/ residence/ household characteristics/ occupation/employment/ income/capital assets/ education/ social class/ politics/ religion/ readership, mass media, and 'cultural' exposure/ organizational membership

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