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Becker J.W.
Nauta A.N.

Conditions for shorter working hours: income versus leisure / working conditions, quality of job / doing volunteer work / satisfaction with social position / leisure activities, holidays / social contacts / level of government expenditures for public facilities and subsidies / personal problems, fears, loneliness / expected developments with respect to the economy, employment and incomes / judgement of own financial position / desired development of wages and benefits / evaluation of various social security benefits, rights and obligations of persons drawing benefits, responsibility of unions to them / justice of actual income differences, including level of benefits / expected and desired developments / justice of differences of property / freedom of speech and protest / wish to increase the participation by citizens, students, pupils and their parents / honesty in social life / left-right self-rating / political interest, preference and participation / political efficacy, confidence in politicians / preference denominational or state school, separation of religion and politics, social organizations / satisfaction with society / housing situation, satisfaction with housing and neighbourhood / satisfaction with family life / possession of durables / recent far reaching events in r.'s life / health condition: deceases, illness, use of medicines / making use of institutions for social, medical or legal assistance / satisfaction with life, happiness / what groups or individuals are most entitled to a vacant dwelling: married people or single, Dutch or foreign, young or old, Dutch or Surinamese, single man or single woman, white or coloured, with or without children / what groups are first to be dismissed / first to get a promotion at work / objections against immigrant neighbours, colleagues, immigrant children in class with r's child / attitude to new advanced technologies, being involved with new technologies, knowledge of new technology, confidence in technological developments / self administered questionnaire: wish to change time budget with respect to work, contacts with friends, family life, leisure, domestic work, rest / importance of having a payed job, work ethics / what qualities should determine the wage of an individual employee / employers versus employees, necessity of unions / desired qualities of job / worst consequences of being unemployed / desired type of job / responsibility of government for employment and the unemployed / if r unemployed: need for job, expectation to find a job / work ethics / income versus leisure / what qualities should determine the wage of an employee at r's work / quality of r's job / easiness to find other job / inter-personal relations at work / job satisfaction. Background variables: basic characteristics / residence / housing situation / household characteristics / characteristics of parental family / household / occupation / employment / income / capital assets / education / social class / politics / religion / consumption of durables / readership, mass media, and 'cultural' exposure / organizational membership

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