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Becker J.W.

Trend study on changes in general opinions and attitudes of the Dutch population. The international part of the survey has environmental pollution as topical focus. The national part contains questions about social benefits, technology, health and other social topics. International part: cohabitation / Dutch economical problems to be solved by entrepreneurships / diminish income differences is task of government / the two most important political aims / statements about relationship of science, technology and environment / preparedness to contribute to environmental protection, in several ways / knowledge about energy, pollution, biology, causes of environmental pollution / respondent ( and family ) does experience environmental problems as a personal threat / position of government in environmental problems / active contribution to environmental measures / believe in god National part: having a paid job / happy to go back working after weekend / no job, no income / time spending: unpaid voluntary job, unpaid social support to others / welfare in country and family / near future: better-worse / welfare/ economical situation / unemployment / sense of standards is diminishing / expectations after next 15 years / governmental expenditures for public services / governmental measures to diminish differences in chances, income and possessions / worried about possible unemployment / satisfaction with own income and social security / development of incomes and social benefits / (mis)use of social security benefits / ( reason ) for-against plans of government to decrease social benefits: minimization system ( mini-stelsel ), basic income ( basisinkomen ) and obligatory jobs / difference between incomes and social benefits, in incomes ( low-high ) and possessions / lower-higher incomes for diverse governmental occupations / satisfied about own education / priorities in education / several aspects of religiousness and philosophy of life / acceptability of ways of cohabitation/ childcare/ divorcement / justice, crime and safety / participation / reading newspapers: local, national, foreign topics / importance of political aims / influence of and on political decisions of national and local authorities / development of society / worried about own old age finances / more-less taxes / ( willing to join - acceptance of ) public protests or other ways of protest against ( local ) governmental decisions / energy shortage / environmental pollution: enough measures are taken / own financial support / worried about own health and future of children / development / selective consuming pattern in favour of environment / state of environment / who is able to cope with environmental problems and prepared to / detailed questions about infection and spread of Aids / health insurances: which health services must be included at least / priorities: housing in case of housing shortage / dismissal / promotional opportunities / immigrant people / residence permits / active euthanasia / homosexuals / technological developments and personal involvement / household composition, members with own income / interviewers' impression of interview, respondent influenced by others. Background variables: basic characteristics/ residence/ household characteristics/ occupation/employment/ income/capital assets/ education/ social class/ politics/ religion/ readership, mass media, and 'cultural' exposure/ organizational membership

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