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Becker J.W.

Trend study on changes in general opinions and attitudes of the Dutch population regarding a wide range of topics. The international part of the survey is part of the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP). National part (oral interview): time spent on voluntary work or helping sick, handicapped / social contacts / egoism - altruism / life satisfaction / prosperity: in this country, in own family, in future, government cares enough / economic change / unemployment change / economic crisis / most important political issues / role of government: economic planning, government intervention, public services / tax system / level of government spending / evaluation of private income / expected and preferred changes in levels of income and of social benefits /satisfaction with social benefits system / evaluation of laws regarding welfare provisions: AOW, ABW, WW, AWW, WAO, AAW, ZW / abuse of social benefits / differences in income, ownership / religious beliefs / role of religion / knowledge of and affinity with several religious-philosophic movements / opinions on: working mothers, divorce, ideal number of children, intentional childlessness / single parenthood, unmarried parenthood, in vitro fertilisation, parent-child relations, permissiveness / advice in case of problems of friend or neighbours / alternative medical treatment / superstition / alternative spiritual movements / criminality / justice / safety / victim of vandalism, theft, assault / fear / punishment / opinions on: punishment versus re-socialization, social benefits, gender roles, treatment of drug addicts, social equality, soft drugs, death penalty, women's emancipation, income differences / left-right self rating / conservatism versus progressiveness / sense of political efficacy / political activities, protest / opinion leadership / environment / pollution / separate collection of waste / ecology / environment mindedness / role of industry, agriculture, private households and government in ecological problems / discrimination / foreigners / immigrants / racism /immigrants / asylum seekers / social integration of foreigners / evaluation of importance of public services / evaluation of several domains of government policy / satisfaction with government / most important domestic problems. International part ( self administered questionnaire ): women, work and children / gender roles within the family / marriage /parenthood / maternity leave / day-care / legal abortion / sexuality: premarital, extramarital, at young age, homosexuality, sexual harassment at work.

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