We will now tell you more about the Netherlands Mobility Panel. This research runs from 2013 and occurs annually in the autumn. We are currently searching for new panel members to complete the panel. We therefore ask you to do the following: - To begin with, we ask you to complete a questionnaire at the start of the research covering general questions about your household. It takes approximately 5 minutes to complete this questionnaire. - We then ask each person in your household who wants to participate and who is aged 12 or older to complete a questionnaire covering general questions about his or her personal situation. It takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete this questionnaire. - Each participating person then keeps a diary covering three consecutive days in which he or she records trips taken during those three days: at what time did I leave, where did my trip start, which transport mode did I use, what did I do while travelling, what was my final destination, what did I do at my final destination, etc.? It takes approximately 10 minutes per day to keep the diary. - It is important that all the people in the household keep the diary on the same three consecutive days; hence, everyone will for example keep the diary on Monday 3 October, Tuesday 4 October and Wednesday 5 October 2016. - At the end of the each day the diary must by completed via internet by all people in the household aged 12 and older who are participating in the research. To help you in this, during the day you can record all your trips on paper in a help diary. If you decide to participate in this research, you will receive a guidebook of explanations and instructions for your participation. A short instructional video is also available. -- PAGE BREAK -- The diary research occurs annually during three consecutive days from September to November. If you are interested in participating, you will hear from us later on which specific dates you have to keep the diary. To thank you for your participation, your household (1) will receive 65 NIPOints annually. In addition (2) 400 Bol.com vouchers worth 10 euro each are raffled each year among all those who have participated in the research. Last, but not least, (3) free tickets for fun events, such as the Efteling, Wildlands Emmen or the Spoorwegmuseum are raffled. This way you have a chance to win a nice surprise for the whole family! In December we randomly select 40 households, of which all members fully participated in the Netherlands Mobility Panel. The lucky winners can choose from a selection of the most popular events in the Netherlands. The amount of tickets you receive is equal to the number of participants in your household, so you can go out with the whole family! During the research project, we routinely offer you insights into the results of the research at http://www.kimnet.nl/mobiliteitspanel-nederland. In conclusion, to participate in this research, it is very important for the information about all the people in your household to be correct and completely recorded in the TNS NIPObase: the number of people in your household, birthdates, education levels, employment situations, etc. If this information is not current (anymore), will you please promptly update this information?

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