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Creator: Bellemare, Charles, Sebald, Alexander
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Partial Identification of Guilt Sensitivity

project is about measuring
the extent to which individuals’ decisions are shaped by their desire to avoid
feeling guilty of letting down other people. Important complications may arise when trying to
detect guilt aversion using stated beliefs. The data of the conducted
experiment can be used to estimate the identification region of the sensitivity
to guilt parameter without information on players’ beliefs.

Partial Identification of Guilt Sensitivity > Part 1 - 2010

In Januari
2010, a questionnaire regarding an experiment about the allocation of money was
administered to the LISS panel. Persons B were asked to send a message to
another person A with whom they would matched and then to decide what
allocation of money they would choose.

Partial Identification of Guilt Sensitivity > Part 2 - 2010

In February 2010, the second part of the experiment was administered. In this second part, persons A
received and read the message that was sent to them by the person B they were
matched to. Then, also persons A could decide about the allocation of
money. Some of the
participants indeed received the payoffs based on the actual decisions that
were made.